EGO S2 Extendable Slider with 19" Clear Rubber Net Head # 72057A-72007 ( See note in description area regarding shipping charges)

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Brand: EGO (Adventure Products)
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******Shipping Charges have gone crazy...If you would like to order and can wait up to 10 days for shipment I can get the shipping charges reduced to approx. $26.00. If not then the current charges are as stated at check out. If you are interested in saving on shipping and don't care if it doesn't arrive in 2 days please call me and I will handle the shipping and credit back your account off of the original invoice. Sorry for this bad news, I'm not to happy with it either.


The revolutionary EGO S2 Slider product system features the most advanced handle extension technology available. This is the ultimate kokanee and trout fishing net! This is the large head with the clear netting (19 inches by 21 inches).

With a simple pull or push of the S2 Slider grip, the kokanee angler has total control of the handle extension length during the fish capturing process. This net has a base handle of 48 inches that extends to 108 inches (almost 10 feet!). And it only weighs @ 3 lbs! Attactive (nice foam handle and red body), innovative (winner of the CAST new product of the year) and very user friendly, this is the perfect net for your trout and kokanee fishing.

The innovative modular platform also allows the handle to detach, providing component interchangeability and compact storage. This net comes with the 19" X 21"hoop and clear rubber net 15" deep. The EGO S2 Slider product system has redefined the sport fishing landing net paradigm. (Please note, due to the large size box, a $12 shipping surcharge is added to each sale).

Model 72057A/H72007

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